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Vehicle Wraps
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Fort Oglethorpe Vehicle Wraps


Get the full potential of your business by increasing your sales and maximizing marketing opportunities. Don’t rely solely on your establishment’s front and interiors as marketing tools; your vehicle can function as much as it can and even reach a broader market.

custom full vehicle wrap

At Tennessee Sign Company, we have the most long-lasting and striking Fort Oglethorpe vehicle wraps and graphics for all vehicles, whether land or maritime. Our full wraps, partial wraps, cut vinyl graphics, window films, and vehicle magnets can be personalized following your needs, business personality, and budget.

From your personal car to your commercial vehicles, our vehicle wrap experts can design, print, and install the most eye-striking and functional vehicle wraps you will ever have. With our hard-wearing vinyl, we can make your vehicle a head-turner for a long time.

We can equally provide your business with increased visibility and a protective layer for your car. With our expert hands, you can get your desired vehicle wraps and graphics as soon as possible!

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, and magnets

Situations like being on a tight budget, choosing to keep your car’s original color, living in an area with signage prohibitions, or using your private car for company operations are just several elements that may prevent you from completely wrapping your vehicle.

Our Fort Oglethorpe vehicle wraps services can handle your case, providing you with various better options while making your car more attractive and functional in your business.

Fort Oglethorpe Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Full Vehicle Wraps

custom full vehicle wrap

You can change your vehicle into a marketing platform with our complete vehicle wraps, providing the best results in uniqueness and efficiency. This full wrapping service can accommodate any type of vehicle, including cars, vans, buses, trucks, trailers, jet skis, boats, and other seafaring automobiles.

Complete vehicle wraps give you so many customization options and allow you to integrate enough information and simultaneously turn your vehicle into a complete asset of your marketing initiatives. From changing the car color to adding other personalized features, complete vehicle wraps are your optimal choice.

Partial Car Wraps

As the name implies, partial car wraps will only cover the parts of your vehicle that you specify.

partial vehicle graphicsWithout completely modifying your vehicle’s look, you can showcase a specific car part, such as your bumper, hood, tailgate, door, or side panel, or you can merge one or more parts to add some extra branding elements.

Partial car wraps will be best for you if you have a small budget or want to retain your vehicle’s existing color. Its final appearance won’t be your problem since our wrap installers will excellently play with the lines of your car to make your wrap emerge as a regular part of your vehicle.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics are excellent choices if you only want a few advertising aspects on your vehicle.

custom vinyl vehicle letteringAside from being less expensive than full and partial vehicle wraps, they are also easier to move, upgrade, or replace. You can easily remove or add more of them as needed by cutting into your desired and specialized shapes and sizes.

Vinyl graphics are a great way to add a separate logo, icon, or small text to your car.

You can still spread the company message without breaking the bank!

Vehicle Magnets

Tennessee Sign Company can give you many vehicle magnets if you prefer a detachable sign that allows you to choose when and where you’ll use your vehicle for advertising.

car magnetThey are straightforward to detach if you need to have your vehicle for personal purposes or when you want to alter its location.

They are also ideal if you want to use your vehicle for advertising but reside in a neighborhood with signage regulations.

Besides being the least time-consuming option among various vehicle graphics, they are also fully flexible and come in various styles, sizes, and shapes.

Perforated Window Film

custom perforated window filmOur perforated window films are ideal for reinforcing full and partial vehicle wraps. They can be displayed with any extra marketing messages or graphics to enhance the beauty of your vehicle.

This will provide you with building privacy while still allowing inside visibility.

If you need support deciding on the perfect kinds of vehicle wrap and graphics, please contact Tennessee Sign Company. We would happily make suggestions based on your specifications, individual interests, and spending plan.

Professionals Wrap for All Vehicle Types

custom vinyl food truck wrapWe can create a custom of the best Fort Oglethorpe vehicle wraps and graphics for you, irrespective of what vehicle you own or how many of them you want to utilize for marketing.

To appropriately tailor the wrapping service to your advantage, we will ensure we have a complete sense of your goals and needs.

Below are some of our most popular vehicle wraps and graphics:

Besides vehicle wraps and graphics, Tennessee Sign Company can be your marketing partner for all your business goals. We can design, manufacture, and install all business signage indoors and outdoors!

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

Custom Fleet Vehicle WrapsVehicle wraps will optimize people’s views and assurance in your company and contribute to disseminating information.

This is incredibly useful for home-based service providers such as technicians, cable installation enterprises, landscapers, and maintenance and repair companies. Clients will be less unwilling to open their doors for you if you have vehicles that identify you.

Businesses offering delivery services, laundromats, construction workers, handypersons, construction companies, tutors, and other establishments that provide services in their clients’ residences or workplaces are among our most frequent wrap customers.

Promotional Car Wraps

custom car wrapPromotional vehicle wraps are ideal for all businesses. They enable you to quickly broaden your brand awareness using a non-intrusive marketing type.

You can pass to a specific location, such as a client or an event, and you’ve already informed many people about your company. We also make our car wraps out of heavy-duty vinyl, protecting your vehicle while keeping it looking suitable for long periods.

Vehicle wraps are a brilliant method of gaining clients if you work from home or rent a shared office space. It does not require urgent modification, so they are a valuable, long-term business investment.

Custom Boat Wraps

custom boat wrap designIf your business runs on bodies of water, our vinyl wraps and graphics can be customized for your watercraft and other maritime vehicles. Our marine-grade vinyl can survive salt and freshwater, so you can be confident that our graphics will last an extended period.

Having a business near the beach is not a problem since your trailers and trucks will be wrapped in the same marine-grade vinyl with beauty and durability.

Boat Identification Numbers

Identification numbers are considered necessary on the sides of all boats and other maritime vehicles. While ensuring they will last even in extreme weather conditions, Tennessee Sign Company can provide this in the finest quality.

In addition to having your ID numbers, we could design and print your boat name within the appropriate size range and assemble it in the proper location. This way, you’ll legally remain on the correct track while keeping your boat looking its best!

Boat-based Businesses

If your business revolves around people boarding your boat, your profitability relies heavily on how safe, comfortable, and appealing your vessel appears. You will undoubtedly encourage more customers to your business by purchasing our customized marine-grade vinyl wraps enhanced by our graphic designers!

You can promote your business while your boat is still docked through our boat wraps and graphics. We only produce vinyl wraps that are highly resilient and can provide additional protection for your boat. Suppose your business entertains people like charter fishing, parasailing, whale watching, and similar services. In that case, you’ll benefit immensely from Tennessee Sign Company‘s ability to provide attractive, long-lasting boat wraps and graphics.

Your Designs, Perfected

custom airplane graphicsWe personalize your vehicle wraps and graphics depending on your brand, goals, and personal preferences because no promotional material is compelling without a captivating layout.

We can work with your existing design or build a new one. We need the features you want to use in your visuals (such as logo, slogan, marketing message, contact information, location, and so forth), your brand marketing elements, and the kind of wraps/graphics you want so we can estimate the size for the overall project.

We can also start with your design or follow it without any changes. We will print it accurately and at the highest possible resolution.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

Our Fort Oglethorpe, TN, sign company can do everything for your vehicle wrapping project.

custom vehicle wrap installationWe have skilled graphic designers, sign makers, and wrap installers equipped to accomplish all aspects of your vehicle wrapping needs.

In terms of designing your wrap, a mock-up design will be presented to you first so you can see how the finished product will appear. This permits you to request changes and corrections, fully customizing the design according to your preferences.

We will print the design on high-quality vinyl with your agreed-upon standards when it is complete. When everything is fully prepared, our installers will skillfully deploy the graphics to your vehicle without any bubbles, ripples, or creases.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Fort Oglethorpe Vehicle Wraps logoTennessee Sign Company is a complete and reliable Fort Oglethorpe vehicle wrap and graphics that allow you to reach your sales objectives.

We do everythingβ€”from enhancing a single car to converting an entire fleet into a unified set of advertising avenues!

Call Tennessee Sign Company at (423) 594-2672 for a Free Consultation with a Fort Oglethorpe Commercial Vehicle Wrap Expert!