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Signal Mountain Pylon Signs


Some businesses do not have a strategic advantage when it comes to their location.

custom tenant pylon signSome of them may be located far away from the roadside, while others are truly hidden from view because they are located within a building complex. There are many ways to help your business be visible and boost its presence in your community, and one of them is through pylon signs.

Tennessee Sign Company offers affordable, eye-catching, and personalized Signal Mountain pylon signs for any type of business. We are a full-service sign company that can tackle sign requests no matter how specific the designs should be or if the client has a specific budget.

We also take care of the paperwork, installation, and maintenance because we want our service to be stress-free for our clients and be the team they can trust for all their signage needs.

Interested in the options you have for pylon signs? Contact our team today to learn more, and we assure you that your investment is safe with us.

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Illuminated Sign Boxes

pylon illuminated sign boxes

Pylon signs are very hard to miss because of their scale. However, it can also be easy to miss if the sign is not designed properly or does not have the right elements that will keep it visible at any given time.

Our expert pylon sign experts can resolve this problem by utilizing illuminated sign boxes, which can be used 24/7 in any given weather. We can design them to match your branding and your ideal dimensions for a more stunning impact.

We recommend illuminated sign boxes for pylon signs for businesses with night-time operations, like hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and even commercial facilities.

If you plan to invest in lighted sign boxes, our team will also help you with the installation. We have a team of electricians who will install your illuminated pylon signs safely to your electric lines so it will not cost a lot of money to operate and won’t cause problems to the environment.

Affordable Tenant Signs

You can also use our personalized Signal Mountain pylon signs as affordable tenant signs for commercial buildings and complexes.

custom tenant signWe can check your location to determine where these tenant signs should be installed for better visibility and how they can be secured in place. We will then customize the tenant sign based on the number of tenants in the building and match everyone’s marketing needs.

Your tenants can work with us to customize their respective panels for the tenant sign, and we can also add optimizations to make it more visible, such as lighting, digital displays, and others.

If you are on a budget, we are ready to work with you to create the signage that you and your tenants will enjoy and benefit from.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

Since pylon signs are mostly used outdoors, they must be able to withstand any type of weather condition.

custom pylon signAt Tennessee Sign Company, we use durable materials for the personalized Signal Mountain pylon signs we make for our clients so that they will last a long time. This also reduces the need to constantly repair or replace the pylon signs after each weather change or season.

Every sign we make is fabricated with various protections that will prevent it from getting damaged easily, both inside and out. It will also be reinforced with steel frames and aluminum coverings for more stability and protection for its components. We will also use durable paint and painting techniques so the sign will not fade over time.

We can also help you pick the best signage face for your pylon signs to match its structure and overall theme. You can choose between acrylic, vinyl, polycarbonate, or even channel letters. No matter which one you choose, it will be made in the same quality as the rest of the pylon signs and will withstand any weather for a long time.

Full-Service Sign Company

Need a team that will make the entire sign project stress-free from start to finish? Tennessee Sign Company offers a seamless sign service for all clients looking for high-quality, functional, and effective business signs. We can do everything in-house, from designing your business signs, selecting the best materials for the signs, manufacturing the sign to installing and maintaining your signs. This guarantees that the signs are made with care, and that it is done perfectly to your specifications.

Outdoor Tenant Pylon SignIf you reach out to us for your sign request, Tennessee Sign Company will assign you to one of our sign experts, who will then assess what your sign should look like, where it should be installed, and other key information that will be needed to achieve your business goals. We will present you with samples, as well as design ideas and optimization options, to give you ideas on how your signs can be designed to achieve your intended effect.

Considering the size and scale of pylon signs, we can also do the installation for you. We will check your location beforehand to identify the best place to install it for maximum visibility and impressions. Our team will also handle the electrical components of your pylon signs, so they won’t cause problems for you and your clients, especially during harsh weather conditions. If your area has policies on large business signs, we can handle the permits before we bring your sign to your location.

Want to get matching business signs? No problem! We can customize your other business signs to match your pylon signs. Speak to one of our sign experts, and we’ll show you all the options available!

Free Pylon Sign Consultation

Signal Mountain Pylon Signs logoPylon signs can definitely help people find your business faster once they see it from the road or from a distance. However, you should get these signs personalized to match your brand to maximize the opportunity of getting your brand known in the area.

Our Signal Mountain, TN sign company is ready to take on the challenge and bring you pylon signs that will not only make your brand visible, but also advertise it effectively to a wider audience. Check out the options for your pylon signs today through our free consultation service, and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

Call Tennessee Sign Company at (423) 594-2672 for your Free Consultation with a Signal Mountain Pylon Sign expert!