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Channel Letters
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Whiteside Channel Letters


Business signs don’t have to be large to promote your business and let people know about your offerings. Compact signs like channel and dimensional letters can also do the job well, especially if it is personalized by a talented sign company like Tennessee Sign Company.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Channel letters are the ideal sign type to pick if you want to be flexible in presenting your brand image. Whether you want them as storefront signs or as part of your indoor display, you can definitely get channel letters tailored to match your needs.

For a stress-free and seamless channel letters service, our Whiteside, TN sign company will not disappoint. Our team can work with any business and branding, even if you are on a budget. We promise to deliver only the best channel letters for your business and help you build the business you want through it.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Most of the personalized Whiteside channel letters we make at Tennessee Sign Company are storefront channel letters.

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letters are 3D signs made individually from metal and other durable materials, appealing as storefront signs. Each letter, number, symbol, or image is installed in the building directly or with the help of a backing frame. The front part of these channel letters is covered with acrylic, which can be in your chosen opacity and color.

Our team can form these channel letters to spell your business name, slogan, or your business logo. We can customize them to any color, font, style, and shape to match your brand theme and personality. All channel letters are hand-formed to achieve the right shape for your channel elements.

Storefront channel letters are a must for retail shops, shopping centers, banks, government facilities, and public institutions.

Dimensional Letters

Do you want a flawless business sign that will blend well with your storefront? One you can also use for your indoor setup? Dimensional letters are the answer!

Storefront SignWhile both channel and dimensional letters have individually crafted elements for your business name and other business information, they differ in how they are produced and modified for lighting. Channel letters have empty sections in each “channel” which can be fitted with illumination. By comparison, dimensional letters are cut from a solid sheet – steel, metal, aluminum, or acrylic – and the illumination is added as a backlight.

When we customize dimensional letters, we give our clients the option to pick the size, style, and font of the content they want for their signs. We can also customize its thickness and opacity to give it a 3D effect, even if browsed from a distance.

We recommend dimensional letters for restaurants, offices, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, and malls, as well as a nice option for lobby signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Channel and dimensional letters alone are not enough to help your brand stay visible and promote your business. It will need additional optimizations, like customized lighting, to help it stand out further.

Lighted SignWhen we receive your Whiteside channel letters request, we will not only help you draft the design and make your channel letters, but we will also identify the right type of lighting style for them so it will stay visible at any given time and weather. We can do backlighting for these signs and external illuminations depending on what your business needs and what you prefer. Regardless of which one you picked, we will make sure they are connected safely to the signs and that it is powered properly by your electric lines.

We recommend backlit and illuminated channel signs for businesses with night hours like bars, nightclubs, convenience stores, and gas stations. You can also get these channel signs if you want to boost your business’s presence at any time.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Whiteside Channel Letters logoSimple doesn’t mean it isn’t pleasing or eye-catching enough to catch the attention of your target audience. It can actually be the style that can accentuate your brand and give it the professional image that will convince people to check your brand.

At Tennessee Sign Company, you will get simple yet captivating channel and dimensional letters for your business. We guarantee they will blend well with your branding and other business signs. Speak to one of our sign experts today to get your project underway and make us your sign partner in the process!

Call Tennessee Sign Company at (423) 594-2672 for your Free Consultation with a Whiteside Channel Letter expert!