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La Fayette Outdoor Signs


Customers won’t likely reach out to a business that does not appear professionally capable of providing satisfactory services or products.

custom lighted signsTo boost customer traffic, you should invest in La Fayette outdoor signs that will significantly improve your brand awareness and encourage potential consumers to trust you.

At Tennessee Sign Company, we will assist you in making a long-lasting positive impression on your customer base.

You will be provided high-quality outdoor signs that will not cost a fortune, whether for your storefront or roadside advertising.

We’ll make them as noticeable and long-lasting as possible. We will pull people into your business, and your signs will be helpful for many years in all weather conditions.

Make your storefront more attractive and begin welcoming new customers today by contacting our outdoor sign specialists!

Call Tennessee Sign Company at (423) 594-2672 for your Free Consultation with a La Fayette Outdoor Sign Expert!

Storefront & Building Signs

Improperly designed storefront signs will obscure your building or make it appear amateurish.

custom outdoor building signs

Potential customers might overlook your establishment and patronize a competitor if you don’t catch their attention. If they ever discover you, they may still be impeded by your unconvincing storefront and go elsewhere.

Tennessee Sign Company will assist you in avoiding this. With our La Fayette outdoor signs, your window display will have better exposure and acquire new customers from a distance.

More interestingly, we’ll make your sign out of long-lasting materials that will withstand exposure to any extreme, shifting weather.

Here are some outdoor signs to consider based on your budget and desired look:

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Channel letters or dimensional letters will give your company an iconic professional touch. With these 3D independently cut signage elements, your storefront’s appearance and desirability will improve.

custom dimensional signsThese channel and dimensional letters can be fashioned into whatever color of letters, numbers, symbols, and photos. The only distinction is that channel letters possess hollow spaces from within that can be filled with LED lighting.

Allow us to install your channel letters instantly onto your building for optimum beauty. If you want a quicker process, raceway-mounted channel letters are the way to go.

From retail stores to huge office establishments, channel and dimensional letters are effective signs, whatever type of business you own. Every place will be more professional-looking and captivating with dimensional and channel letters.

Lighted Signs

Our lighted signs are ideal for outdoor use if you operate a business at night or require a marketing tool available 24 hours a day. They are available in various formats, including digital signs, LED signs, cabinet signs, and other illuminated signage.

custom lighted storefrontYou can expect LED lighting to be included in whatever type you like. LED lighting is also livelier and less expensive to buy and maintain when compared to other lighting options.

We have flexible LED tubes that can be modified into any structure you want if you want anything comparable to original neon signs except without the high price. These tubes are brighter than original neon tubes, less expensive to maintain, and environmentally friendly.

Lighted signs are best suited for any business that remains open after dark, such as convenience stores, malls, restaurants, hotels, bars, theaters, and gas stations.

Custom Sign Panels

Solid sign panels, typically attached directly to the storefront of a building, are very customizable. They come in all sizes, so you can have large ones for a far more extravagant marketing effort. These custom sign panels, for example, are ideal for linking signage.

custom storefront sign panelTennessee Sign Company can customize these panels to your exact specifications, regardless of the number of information you want to provide in your signage or whether you want black-and-white or vibrant graphics.

You can select whether you want them lit up with an acrylic panel and translucent paint or purely with a cut vinyl tethered to a metal plate. In any case, we will ensure that your panels are long-lasting, enticing, and cost-effective.

Sign panels are appropriate for all establishments seeking low-cost but highly customizable storefront signs. It thus involves retail stores, new businesses, manufacturing plants, etc.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Awning and canopy signs are ideal investments if your building could benefit from additional shade or an extended, sheltered outdoor space. They are typically made of elongated canvas and can be customized with your business name, logo, or slogan.

custom awning signAwning signs are typically attached directly to the building at a usual position over the front window. They primarily provide shade near the front door and for the indoor space directly adjacent to the front window. These are generally used in restaurants with tables close to the window.

Meanwhile, canopy signs are significantly longer. They are also connected to the building but should further be supported on the outside. They are typically installed near the front door to accommodate incoming customers.

Canopy signs are essential to businesses that like to give their storefront a boutique feel. Salons, hotels, specialty shops, galleries, jewelry stores, and chain businesses that require storefront uniformity fall into this category.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are an excellent investment for creating an eye-catching entrance to encourage repeat customer traffic. They can transform any entrance into a professional-looking, exquisite front area while acting as sturdy frameworks.

custom foam monument signFoam-core and armored foam, aluminum, metal, plastic, wood, stone & brick masonry, or poured concrete are usually used to make them.

You can personalize monument signs to include vital business information such as your name, founding year, business hours, slogan, etc. Regardless of the material, any particulars can be engraved or represented by an integrated digital sign panel.

Monument signs are both appealing marketing tools and functional and visually appealing landmarks. For added impact, consider installing some exterior lighting.

Monument signs are commonly found in resorts, hospitals, government buildings, and prominent universities.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Pole signs or highway signs are suitable for reaching a wider audience.

custom digital pole signThey have soaring altitudes that are difficult for people in road transport to miss. Even though your business is off the major highway, prospective clients will be quickly and effectively directed to your location.

Pole and pylon signs are also popular in multi-tenant buildings. It ensures equal visibility to all tenants, allowing the public to quickly recognize which businesses are situated in that building.

We can also illuminate your pole signs and increase your visibility for better promotional outcomes. We will also use high-quality materials to ensure they will not subside or be damaged in any weather or road risk.

Gas stations, malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, diners, fast-food chains, and commercial buildings are the most frequent users of pole signs.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

post panel outdoor sign directoryTennessee Sign Company can provide you with the best La Fayette outdoor signs, whatever type of business you own or your budget plan is. The materials, tools, and expertise required to design, manufacture, and install any outside sign are all available in our shop.

Another advantage is that we can customize each project, offering you the most cost-effective signage possible. Achieve your marketing objectives without exceeding your budget through this service.

We provide the following outdoor signs:

Feel free to reach out to us for any business sign. If you can’t find your preferred signage type on the list above, contact us and see what more we can provide. Our office telephone is waiting for your call. Just tell us your wants, your expectations, and your budget.

Our outdoor sign experts will deliver your attractive and functional signage on time!

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Tennessee Sign Company is a full-service shop that can cater to all your business signage deals.

custom outdoor dimensional signsToo difficult isn’t a thing for our skilled signage team since they can accomplish outdoor and indoor signs. We can also design and install signs in addition to fabricating them.

Our attention-grabbing designs that solidify the image of your company ensure that working with us is a worthwhile experience. All of it, from the fonts to the colors, will be tailored to your brand and blended in an informative way. There will be no unclear texts, hazy images, or unbearably blended colors.

Above all, we can manufacture all signage products with the highest quality materials within your budget. We can provide attractive, long-lasting, and cost-effective signs by combining top-tier materials with the skills of our installation team.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

La Fayette Outdoor Signs logoAside from ensuring the quality of your products or service, you should also present your company as trustworthy and pleasing. Improving your storefront should be a primary concern if you want to earn your prospective clients’ trust and persuade them that your offer is good enough to justify their energy and cash.

You can outmatch your competitors and assert your company as a professional name by using Tennessee Sign Company‘s La Fayette outdoor signs. Speak with one of our signage experts today, and we will start helping you generate many customers immediately!

Call Tennessee Sign Company at (423) 594-2672 for your Free Consultation with a La Fayette Outdoor Sign Specialist!